December 29, 2022

Once upon a time, there was hope that a ‘global economy’ would lead to a more united planet where borders were used to manage internal infrastructures, currency and systems of government and not used as barriers to keep people out or act as a temptation to greedy, weak men who fostered delusions of ruling the world. Today, the global economy is cracking and any dreams of a united planet are melting as quickly as Arctic glaciers. Because of this mindset, the US plans to expand border expulsions to people from three particular oppressive countries; Putin’s vile invasion of Ukraine increased overnight; and China and Russia are teaming up according to NATO ambassador to accomplish one thing; A federal judge just said out loud what we all know about Jan. 6 and Trump; Yet, while heartless policies play havoc on global harmony, there are glimmers of hope for a new future: ABBA just staged a “daring new direction for live music”; and Discover the stories that changed Latin America in 2022. Go beyond the headlines…

U.S. plans to expand border expulsions for Cubans, Nicaraguans and Haitians

Russia launches massive missile barrage across Ukraine

Judge: Jan. 6 committee evidence suggests Trump asked rally crowd to break the law

China and Russia ‘Sharing a Toolkit’ to Dismantle the West—NATO Ambassador

These Latinos passed away in 2022. They made a mark on the nation’s culture, institutions.

ABBA’s successful avatar show in London offers a glimpse at a daring new direction for live music

What Happens to Your Brain If You Drink Too Much?

Amazon is working on a standalone app for sports content, new report claims

Mexico is one of the top victims of cyberattacks in Latin America

The stories that changed Latin America in 2022

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