December 30, 2022

With this last ‘blogging’ day of 2022, I’m leaving us all with a selection of headlines meant to give us a little insight into global affairs. Though politics is being infiltrated by people who want to cocoon our nations and spin us into a false sense of security and isolationism, it can’t work because we are already so intertwined that what happens elsewhere has globe-rippling effects. Don’t worry, I did add a headline or two that could be interpreted as hopeful and no end-of-year windup is complete without a list of psychic predictions for the upcoming year. Have a safe and happy New Year celebration and here’s to a Prosperous New Year for us all! Go beyond the headlines…

The best, worst, and just plain dumb of American politics in 2022

Chinese fighter jet performs ‘unsafe maneuver’ within 20 feet of US plane

Israel swears in most right-wing government in its history

Russia Pledges to ‘Never’ Run Out of Rockets After Launching Massive Strike

5 elections to watch in 2023 – what’s at stake as millions head to the ballot box around the globe

The White Supremacist Origins of Exercise, and 6 Other Surprising Facts About the History of U.S. Physical Fitness

A greener internet of things with no wires attached

Here are your psychic predictions for 2023

‘Forever a legend’: World pays tribute to Brazilian star Pele

Archaeologists Discover Huge Lost Civilization in Guatemala

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