February 1, 2023

You would think that by now politicians would see the benefits of making “Dreamers” citizens. The vast majority of them, those who were brought to the US by their parents illegally as children, have proven their worth to our society by becoming doctors, lawyers, community leaders and people with strong morals and work ethics. Yet, unsurprisingly, it seems the most vile of the GOP (9 GOP-led states) are asking a judge to end DACA protections for Dreamers. These same people would rather endorse an unpatriotic and illegal insurrection to get their ‘supreme leader’ to remain in office but expel young people of color who actually are positively contributing to this country. Again, we can only change this type of willful hatred is if we vote these creatures out of office and change the status quo in those state governments that are annihilating the moral compass of our country; An analysis of the Biden admin nominations for judges reveals some good news; New news app from Instagram strives to make keeping on top of the news easier; and Archeologists are forced to change their assumption of the role of ancient Maya women in Mayan society. Go beyond the headlines…

9 GOP-led states ask judge to end DACA program protections for “Dreamers”

NATO chief wants more ‘friends’ as Russia, China move closer

The 5 Main Factions Of The House GOP

Two years in, Biden has prioritized nominating women of color as judges

Ultra-processed foods – like cookies, chips, frozen meals and fast food – may contribute to cognitive decline

Study of 500,000 Medical Records Links Viruses to Alzheimer’s Again And Again

New Map of All Matter In the Universe Reveals Something Strange About the Cosmic Web

Artifact is an AI-driven news aggregation app from the creators of Instagram

High Levels of Corruption in Latin America Increases Violence and Homicides

Murdered Ancient Maya Woman’s Remains Suggest Elite Females May Have Been Warriors

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