February 2, 2023

Inflation is sucking the hard-earned money right out of our pockets and the Federal Reserve’s Jerome Powell says it’s hardly over; The Biden admin is more worried about China than we’re being told; Educators are bowing to the bullying of Fl’s DeSantis. Just how far will it go?; Who says you can’t learn anything from Youtube? A young Latino taught himself to sing from watching Youtube and now he’s up for a Grammy; Before you lament all the food deserts that exist, you should know that ‘food swamps’ are just as bad, if not more, for your health; and Ever wonder how you would know if you were having a stroke? There’s an app for that now. Go beyond the headlines…

Fed’s Powell warns of more pain ahead: Key takeaways

US secures deal on Philippines bases to complete arc around China

AP African American studies class changed after DeSantis criticism

First sweeping federal gun crime report in 20 years released

Omar Apollo taught himself how to sing from YouTube. Now he’s up for a Grammy

52-foot-long Book of the Dead papyrus from ancient Egypt discovered at Saqqara

Living near a ‘food swamp’ could raise stroke risk in adults 50 and older: research

Smartphone app may help identify stroke symptoms as they occur

Mexico zoo director killed, cooked 4 pygmy goats for party

Colombia preparing tropical paradise for tourism after 500 years of chaos

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