February 1, 2024

If you’ve blinked your eyes and find yourself still renting in your ‘boomer’ years chances are you’ve given up on the American Dream of buying a home. After all, who wants to take out a mortgage, if they can get it, at this age, in this economic climate and at these prices. You’re not alone. A new survey lays bare the dilemma of many Baby Boomer renters; Today is the start of Black History Month and California launches the annual observance in a big way; Getting back to high mortgage rates, it seems there’s one demographic who could care less what the interest rate is. They’re snatching up homes at a record pace – and it’s not house flippers either; Wonder why it’s so hard to lose weight in the winter? The answer is simple; and Argentina, like many South American countries, struggles with increasing femicides. The country’s newly elected president isn’t helping. Go beyond the headlines…

Survey: Homeownership Remains Elusive for Baby Boomer Renters

Philippines plans to buy submarines to defend sovereignty in South China Sea – senior official

California introduces first-in-nation slavery reparations package

Record Level of Affluent U.S. Home Buyers Sidestepped High Mortgage Rates and Paid All Cash the Fourth Quarter

Cities with the slowest traffic, mapped

Trees struggle to ‘breathe’ as climate warms, researchers find

Why it’s hard to lose weight in the winter

Smart hat senses when traffic lights change and tells you via an app

Argentina femicides at record high as Milei dilutes protections

Judge’s ruling again suspends bullfighting at Mexico City bullring

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