February 2, 2024

Employers demanding their workers return to the office when their jobs can easily be done from home are garnering increasing resentment from those employees, according to a new survey. Why, you ask? There’s evidence that for most people commuting into the office incurs more costs for the worker than if they worked from home. Going back into the office means paying more for: Transportation, whether it be gas for the car, or bus and train tickets; Child care for those with children; Food – either a Starbuck’s break or fast-food lunch. Even taking your lunch means spending more on groceries buying extra food to make those lunches or meal prep for the week; Clothes – can’t wear sweats, pjs or jeans every day, if ever; and Most of all, they’re paying for not having a work-life balance because of their commute into the office. And I haven’t even mentioned the costs to our environment – pollution from more transports on the roads and stress on our electrical grids. The argument that work-from-home translates into less productivity isn’t true across the board. If there’s a slacker in the ranks, chances are that slacker would act the same in the office. Then employers would do what they have to but to declare war on remote workers ignores the reality that remote working is not a fad; Food insecurity is a gross understatement for the Palestinians in Gaza; So, why is FL’s Gov. DeSantis sending his state’s National Guard to US-MX border? Sounds like another nail in the political coffin of a Gov. still struggling to show relevance to the GOP; You won’t believe which state has the most missing people!; and Scientists have ‘sniffed’ out the one indicator of which dog breed lives the longest. Go beyond the headlines…

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