January 31, 2024

Scanning headlines today, I saw several articles where Utah is now the 10th state joining the “transgender bathroom ban” campaign waged against trans students. State legislators across the country have adopted a self-righteous attitude, as if they’re the 21st Century version of a Crusader (you know, from the Crusades war in the 18th Century.) If only they lived in today’s reality. If they did, they might find the results of the latest survey of Gen Z adults disturbing for their political futures; Fentanyl is a dangerous drug that doesn’t surrender its victims easily. Now, Portland, Oregon is genuinely worried about its influence on their residents and declared a rare public alarm; Unfortunately, depending on our news outlets, only certain wars exist: Ukraine, Gaza, Houthis but there’s another one happening under the radar that is no less deadly; Another study shows the benefits of a keto diet, as well as vegan. Should this be our collective wake-up call? Go beyond the headlines…

Nearly 30% of Gen Z adults identify as LGBTQ, national survey finds

Far from Ukraine and Gaza, Another War Just Killed 50,000 People

Fentanyl state of emergency declared in downtown Portland, Oregon

U.S. winning world economic war

The surprising reason why insects circle lights at night

Switching to vegan or ketogenic diet rapidly impacts immune system, study shows

Stunning Prehistoric Jewelry Reveals 9 Hidden Societies in Ice Age Europe

New AI therapy app tries to bring you to a zen island

Haitians settle in Mexico City

Lithium mining looks set to reshape Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni salt flat

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