February 11, 2022

Did Congress just come together to pass one of the biggest workplace reforms? So, the CIA has a secret program collecting our data. Are we surprised?; Every child should have access to pre-school, or should any of them?; Beachfront property is always popular, regardless of the country. Yet scientists found that this has happened to almost all of the planet’s natural coasts; and While US conservatives have declared war on transgenders, Mexico just did something amazing. Go beyond the headlines…

Congress Passed One Of The Biggest Workplace Reforms Of The #MeToo Era

Senators: CIA has secret program that collects American data

Heat waves hit the poor hardest – a new study calculates the rising impact on those least able to adapt to the warming climate

A top researcher says it’s time to rethink our entire approach to preschool

Latino students changing the face of agriculture from their family history

Almost all of Earth’s natural coasts have disappeared

NASA to unveil 1st images from James Webb Space Telescope today. Here’s where to find them.

A replacement for vegetable oil that is healthier, eco-friendly & reduces deforestation

Mexico allows birth certificate change for transgender people

Colombia: Refugee camp with over 1,000 indigenous people

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