February 10, 2023

Over 21,000 earthquake victims are now entered into the chronicles of world disasters. Chalking it up to poor maintenance of Turkey and Syria’s infrastructure doesn’t lessen the grief, horror and anger that is evolving as the world sees the devastation unfold on their screens. The justified anger directed to political leaders only underscores the growing unrest people now feel with more of their political leaders. For example, the GOP’s tunnel-vision approach to banning abortion could affect more than 40 million women. It doesn’t have to be this way; To say this Congress is different is an understatement. Here are 8 charts outlining the ‘changing face’ of Congress; Tired of dieting? But tired of always feeling hungry? There’s a new bread on the horizon that could take care of both; There’s an app for anything we can possibly imagine. Now, there’s one that takes your taste in music to find a compatible companion. Go beyond the headlines…

40 million would lose abortion access if court blocks pill, study shows

More than 21,000 dead from quake in Turkey and Syria

The changing face of Congress in 8 charts

Immigration fees may go up and green card applicants could be hard hit

‘La Lucha Sigue’: Chicano Teachers Now and Then

Stone Age discovery fuels mystery of who made early tools

Bread made from a new type of flour keeps you fuller for longer

New dating app ‘Vinylly’ matches users through music compatibility

Chinese penetration in Central America advances

Nicaragua frees more than 200 political prisoners, sends them to Washington

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