February 13, 2023

For one brief moment in time, good-natured rivalry united Americans. Of course, I’m talking about the Super Bowl. Now, it’s back to reality and we’re watching in realtime how partisan warfare in Congress is creating fumbles, injuries and missed touchdowns; Unimaginable is the word that describes the number projected to perish in the Turkey/Syria earthquake; So, when we think of UFOs, we think of craft flying at lightning speed and exhibiting other-worldly behavior. We don’t think of objects like balloons or cylindrical objects drifting along at 40,000 feet and easy targets for fighter planes. Yet, the US government insists on using the term UFO to describe the balloons and other man-made objects they’re shooting down like ducks at a carnival shooting range. Could they be trying to desensitize us to the term?; Ever wonder how we get our unique fingerprints? and A Mexican fintech company strives to make buying real estate in their country easier for foreigner. Go beyond the headlines…

How partisan warfare is consuming the new Congress

Turkey-Syria earthquake deaths expected to top 50,000: UN aid chief

What’s going on with the unidentified objects that US fighter planes keep taking down?

Migrants seeking US sponsors find questionable offers online

Fewer Americans may identify as white under proposed federal guidelines for Latinos, Arab Americans

Women around the world are avoiding marriage

How fingerprints get their unique whorls

The apps getting your wardrobe back under control

Mexican fintech company will offer digital mortgages to foreigners

Pregnant Russian women flying to Argentina for citizenship, officials say

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