February 9, 2023

Are humans preprogrammed to be more accepting of lies than the truth? Well, if research into our reaction to children telling uncomfortable truths is any indication then I’d say yes; Praise is still being heaped on President Biden’s delivery of his State of the Union speech. The audience numbers say it all; Should Supreme Court justices and their families be subjected to stronger ethics rules?; A Latino-focused casino just opened in Las Vegas. Is this catering to a culture or building an addiction?; Archeologists made new discoveries in Mexican pyramid site; and Remember Elián González? Well, he’s grown up and doing big things in Cuba now. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden’s State of the Union draws audience of 27.3 million

Zelenskyy seeks to place Ukraine at home in the EU

Calls grow for stronger ethics rules for Supreme Court justices, families

Adults judge children who tell blunt polite truths more harshly than they do liars

Latino-focused casino hosts grand opening in North Las Vegas

Rudeness between colleagues can lead to workplace bullying

How anxiety affects the body: 5 physical symptoms, according to science

Is the future about one all-knowing AI or many? The new app Poe gets you ready to chat with them all

New discoveries made during restoration work at Mexico’s Cholula Pyramid

Elián González poised to be top Cuban lawmaker decades after Florida deportation

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