February 12, 2024

Climate scientists have sounded another alarm that appears more dire than the previous — the Atlantic Ocean current’s decline is accelerating. If that collapses, parts of the world will be plunged into cold like we have never experienced. The sad thing is that our world’s leaders are too busy jockeying to prevail against one another that the impending climate crisis has been pushed to the back burner — to everyone’s detriment; Israel’s Netanyahu justifies the ongoing war in Gaza due to “enough” remaining Israeli hostages are still alive. Yet, a new report just released by Gaza’s health ministry claims over 12,000 Palestinian children and teens have been killed in Israel’s attacks; Getting back to the climate; humans have done such a horrible job of caretaking this planet that our actions are even imperiling the migration habits of animals; and Though the Super Bowl is history, it’s always time for guac! Now, a new “first-of-its-kind AI recipe generator” dedicated to guacamole has launched to get us ready for that next party. Go beyond the headlines…

Extreme Climate Impacts From Collapse of Key Atlantic Ocean Current Could be Worse Than Expected, New Study Warns

Netanyahu says ‘enough’ remaining Israeli hostages alive to warrant Gaza war

Ransomware gangs collected record $1.1 billion from attacks in 2023

Robot invasion hit a bump in 2023 as North American economy cooled

The days of optional SAT scores may be coming to an end

Humans have altered the Earth so much that migratory animals are facing extinction

Quitting smoking at any age brings big health benefits, fast: Study

Avocados From Mexico® launches GuacAImole, a first-of-its-kind AI recipe generator

Monarch butterfly numbers in Mexico plummet to near record low

Carnival extravaganza kicks off in Brazil

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