February 9, 2024

Major sporting events held around the world are not only magnets for international crowds but also are hotbeds for human trafficking. Trafficking young girls and women to satisfy the seedy side business spawned by sports franchises is an issue that’s in plain sight but nobody sees it. An international initiative dedicated to raising awareness of human trafficking has launched a new app to counteract human trafficking and it’s as easy to use as taking a few steps; The number of eligible Hispanic voters hits record high; The US economy is predicted to grow by $7 trillion but only because of one segment of the population that many want deported; A new fossil site heralded to be of worldwide importance has just been discovered; and As the US pushes Mexico to keep migrants on their side of the border a new coalition of Mexican companies create an unlikely alliance to help. Go beyond the headlines…

Study visually captures hard truth: Walking home at night is not the same for women

Signs of rare unrest among North Korean workers in China, researchers say

Number of eligible Hispanic voters hits record high

The US economy will grow by an extra $7 trillion over the next decade due to immigration, the CBO says

Chinese zodiac fortune predictions: What’s in store for the Year of the Dragon

AI-generated voices in robocalls can deceive voters. The FCC just made them illegal.

New fossil site of worldwide importance uncovered in southern France

International Initiative launches new app to counteract human trafficking

50 major companies join coalition to hire migrants in Mexico

Abnormally cold winds, massive waves leave Cuba reeling with flooding and power outages: “We’re not used to this kind of cold”

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