February 13, 2024

Israel’s bloody vengeance against Hamas invokes strong feelings on either side of a passionate debate. As a result, anti-semitism is growing around the world and a heightened majority of Americans admit it; Countries (geographically) close to Russia are sounding alarm bells for the rest of the West as to Russia’s intentions; And as Eastern European countries focus on life-changing events, 123.4 million people decided to focus on the Super Bowl game, making it the largest viewership since the moon landing; Scientists think they’ve finally unraveled the secrets of what brings on death; and What really happens to our bodies when we swig an alcoholic drink while taking meds? Experts explain what it really does to our bodies. Go beyond the headlines…

Large majorities of Americans say antisemitism is a serious problem

Russia preparing for military confrontation with West, says Estonia

Super Bowl LVIII sets ratings record with a staggering 123.4 million viewers, TV’s biggest audience since the moon landing

The downside of having America’s lowest unemployment rate

A New Study Inched Closer to Discovering the Antidote for Death

Western wildfires reversed decades of gains from air pollution-fighting measures: Study

Experts Explain What Drinking While on Medication Can Do to Your Body

Score is a new dating app for people with good to excellent credit

New tactics demanded as wildfires intensify across South America

UAE, Azerbaijan, Brazil join forces to limit global warming to 1.5C

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