February 13, 2020

Seems Trump administration feels pressure to overhaul US immigration system before November, and guess who’s leading the charge?; Puerto Rico just can’t get a break, and in this case, the cost is self-inflicted; So, the world has been taught that we descend from ‘Lucy’ in Africa, yet scientists have now just discovered a “ghost population” of ancient humans; and Mexico City is proposing to build something that experts say would make them a model for the rest of the world. Go beyond the headlines…

Trump’s Son-in-Law Seeks To Revive Trump’s Overhaul For Immigration System

Puerto Rico’s government fell victim to a $2.6M email phishing scam

House to vote to allow ratification of Equal Rights Amendment for women

Judge orders immigration detention hotline restored

The Latino Health Paradox Goes Beyond U.S. Borders

New Study Shows That When it Comes
Pesticides and Kids, the EPA Has Looked the Other Way

Scientists find evidence of ‘ghost population’ of ancient humans

Siri will now answer your election questions

Mexico City Is Proposing to Build One of the World’s Largest Urban Parks

Paraguayan Artisans Strive to Preserve Traditional 60-Striped Poncho

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