February 12, 2020

As Trump demands more and more money – even taking it away from social services – to build his “big, beautiful wall” (that blows down in strong winds), border immigration agents are voicing that there may be something new driving people to cross the border illegally. All we can say, “it’s the economy stupid.”; Activist groups see a disturbing spread of a certain propaganda across the US; Latinos groups are spearheading this environmental fight, though all children are affected; and Ecuadorian journalists create a new kind of directory to promote an overlooked segment of experts. Go beyond the headlines…

Customs and Border Protection chief sees stagnant Mexican economy driving migrants to US

Hundreds of county jails detained immigrants for ICE

Path to legal status for the unauthorized is top immigration policy goal for Hispanics in U.S.

White supremacist propaganda spreading, anti-bias group says

Proposal seeks to draw tourists to historic Hispanic trail

Latino groups vow to fight for ban on pesticide linked to children’s health problems

Mysterious Powerful Radio Signal From Deep Space Appears to Be Repeating in a 16-Day Cycle

Don’t want to snow ski alone? New app aims to help slopegoers find partners for the ski hill

In Colombia, Ex-FARC Rebels And War Victims Work Together At New Radio Stations

Ecuadorian journalists create directory of women experts to encourage diversity of sources in the press

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