February 14, 2020

Though the world continues to roil in turmoil and hate it’s important to remember good still exists. What better day to take a breath and celebrate — Valentine’s Day! Looking through a ‘love’ lens won’t make the headlines hurt less but can give hope that good will prevail. In the meantime, everyone we should all be aware that: There’s one presidential candidate leading with Latino donations; What is really happening to asylum seekers?; Colleges are looked at as bastions of diversity and yet these campuses get an “F” for diversity; and Yes, it’s true. Not everyone uses apps. Uber has a solution for that dilemma. Go beyond the headlines…

Sanders holds commanding edge among Democrats in Latino donations: study

Nearly half of Central American asylum seekers say they had a relative suffer ‘violent death’ in last two years: MSF

Holding-cell stats raise questions about Trump asylum policy

Between President Trump’s Border Wall And The Rio Grande Lies A ‘No Man’s Land’

Despite growing national diversity, these colleges have the least diverse student bodies

Minority patients benefit from having minority doctors, but that’s a hard match to make

Feed the world with foam! Old and discarded mattresses are being used to replace soil and grow vegetables for refugees in desert environments

Uber is testing out a new 1-800 number for people who don’t use apps

Argentine researchers find distant Tyrannosaurus relative

Oaxaca artisans make their mark on new Louis Vuitton collection

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