February 14, 2023

A sad commentary on US politics is how the GOP gained majority in the House, however barely, and has no intention of taking up the issues that affect Americans but are using their position to retaliate against Dems for investigating Trump and his cronies. I’ve said it before but with each ridiculous investigation House GOP reps bring forth, it’s time to dissolve the GOP and create a political party that understands the US Constitution, democracy and the law; New study shows teen girls are suffering like never before; Unlucky in love? There’s science-backed tips to help you find and keep love; Scientists rediscovered Leonardo da Vinci’s forgotten experiments on gravity and proclaim his findings mind-blowing. Go beyond the headlines…

The House GOP’s many, many investigations, explained

US tells citizens to leave Russia immediately

Teen girls bear worst of mental health crisis

Why Texas Is Able to Ban Abortion Pills for Entire U.S.

Homeownership rates for Hispanic and Black households beat white households during pandemic. Here’s how.

Science-backed tips for finding love and keeping it

Leonardo da Vinci’s forgotten experiments explored gravity as a form of acceleration

New dating app for the disabled and chronically ill find love

Costa Rica is 2nd in Latin America for Strong Democracy

China’s secretive investments in Colombia

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