February 15, 2024

When news hit that the celebratory parade honoring the Kansas City Chief’s Super Bowl win ended with gun shots, one death and multiple injuries of innocent bystanders, I immediately thought, here we go again with some young punks who think guns make them look tough and solve problems. Of course, the ages of the shooters have not been released but just comparing shootings perpetuated in crowds, and the fact there were three involved, makes me assume it’s less of a mental health breakdown and that the shooters were either teens or young adults exacting vengeance. US gun violence has clearly reached epidemic proportions among our youth population, not to mention overall. The fact that some young people see guns as the ‘great equalizer’ in disputes and settling scores is beyond disturbing and, in my opinion, ranks as a mental health issue in and of itself. Young shooters need mental health services and counseling. They still need to pay for their crimes but arresting them and throwing away the key doesn’t solve the bigger issue. The Kentucky Senate clearly has had enough with young shooters. They just passed a bill trying teens as adults for “gun-related felony charges.” It’s long overdue that we bypass the sell-outs in Congress who depend on gun lobbyists’ money and stall any effort to reign in the debacle they’ve created. Our country can’t heal unless common sense gun laws are passed, enforced, and those youth who feel shooting a gun is their only source of protection, recognized and counseled; It’s ironic that so many MAGA members seem to eagerly await the fall of US democracy and embrace Putin as an ally. For the record, these people are seriously stupid. Period! Yet, when we look at who’s considered the world powers (of yesteryear): China, Russia and the US, the US is the only one with a strong economy and a brighter future than the other two. In fact, researchers foresee China losing 60 percent of its population by the end of the century; However, the US is far from perfect and there’s no better reflection of those imperfections, might we say failings, than in home values; and Some Ohio college students, listening to their peers, created a dating app that’s unlike any dating app on the market. Go beyond the headlines…

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