February 16, 2022

Elections for state offices, i.e. Secretary of State and Attorney General, are underway across the country. Many see democracy herself on the line. Do voters choose Trump disciples or do we salvage our Democratic way of life? According to the recently released ‘Democracy Index,’ US voters are already trending towards one side; Migrants desperate to come to the US are resorting to the most barbaric show of determination; Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making an impact on our daily lives – but is it really for everyone?; The World’s largest indoor vertical farm launches next year; and While all eyes are on Russia and Ukraine, foreign policy experts warn we should be looking closer to home, across our southern border. Go beyond the headlines…

Democracy Is On The Ballot In These 11 Secretary Of State And Attorney General Elections

Migrants sew their mouths shut in quest for Mexico passage to U.S. border

The pandemic is giving Americans an economics crash course

An Arizona priest used one wrong word in baptisms for decades. They’re all invalid

Do Popular AI Communication Tools Favor The Privileged?

Girls still fall behind boys in top scores for AP math exams

US approves new headlights that won’t blind oncoming drivers

World’s largest indoor vertical farm will launch in 2023

Mexico now a ‘hybrid regime’ after losing ground on Democracy Index

How Artists in Lima, Peru, Have Transformed a Hillside Neighborhood Into a Giant Colorful Mural

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