February 16, 2023

At every turn, the Supreme Court and the GOP have thwarted President Biden’s plan to forgive student loans. So, as they do in Washington, they’ve figured out a ‘work-around’; Reports reveal Russia has lost more than half its tanks in the Ukraine and now we know just how at risk Putin has put his country’s military might to fulfill his delusion; What chance does the country have preserving affirmative action when Supreme Court justices of color differ on its meaning; Scientists are putting the call out for help for a new ‘citizen science’ project; and Scientists are sounding the alarm louder over global sea level rise. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden administration is making a big change to student loan repayment. What borrowers need to know

Russia Has 97 Percent of Army Deployed in Ukraine: U.K.

ICE unable to stamp out abuse allegations at detention centers

CBO projects higher unemployment, slow exit from inflation

A diverse Supreme Court grapples with affirmative action, with its justices of color split on meaning of ‘equal protection’

Acceleration Of Global Sea Level Rise Imminent Past 1.8℃ Planetary Warming

New citizen science plea

New app will help preserve and teach Dakota language one word at a time

US tourist visa backlog continues in Mexico; average wait time is 450 days

Colombia’s shark fishing ban turns locals into criminals

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