February 15, 2023

With more than 35,000 people killed in the Turkey/Syrian earthquake, do we really need to hear it’s the ‘worst natural disaster’ in a century?; Blame Fox News anchors and extreme conservatives (again) who want us all to see the immigration influx at the southern border as a faceless crisis; The biggest complaint, besides the price, of buying an electric car is the uncertainty of enough charging stations around the US. That argument is about to be moot; A new survey finds, unsurprisingly, that more than half of GOP identify with this ‘Christian’ faction; Guess how the beloved Celia Cruz will live on in our hearts, minds and pockets; Again, thanks to Fox News, and its ally networks, for turning the minds of viewers; and Finally, after 49 years, we know how the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda really died. Go beyond the headlines…

Americans Showing Increased Concern About Immigration

WHO: Turkey, Syria earthquakes ‘worst natural disaster’ in European region in a century

Tesla commits to open 7,500 chargers in the U.S. to other electric vehicles (EV) by end of 2024 in creation of national EV network

More than half of Republicans support Christian nationalism, according to a new survey

Celia Cruz, the ‘Queen of Salsa,’ Will Appear on U.S. Quarter

Study shows ‘striking’ number who believe news misinforms

Drastic emissions cuts needed to avert multi-century sea level rise, study finds

Device waters plants at their roots and reduces water waste by 50 percent

On Feb. 14, the real celebration in Guadalajara isn’t Valentine’s Day

Forensic study finds Chilean poet Pablo Neruda was poisoned

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