February 3, 2023

Overnight headlines was all about the Chinese balloon tracking over the US. What kind of intel this obvious low-tech spy tool was collecting is anybody’s guess. From its northern track, were they searching for Bigfoot or wanting to see where we store our missiles, not that they didn’t already know. The consensus in DC is to just let it keep on floating without shooting it down. After all, what harm can a balloon really do. Clearly, our leaders haven’t read about how the Greeks preyed on that same arrogant complacency when they built the Trojan Horse; Defected Russian soldiers are telling the West how Russia is torturing Ukrainian captives. Now, word is the latest captives are 50 Ukrainian high schoolers; So, what are ‘soul dies’?; and If you see something strange in the sky – and no, not talking about the Chinese weather balloon – and struggle to identify it, there’s an app to help. Go beyond the headlines…

Pentagon tracking suspected Chinese spy balloon over the US

Ukraine War Updates: Russia Abducted 50 High Schoolers in Luhansk, Report

It’s now legal for domestic abusers to own a gun in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi

First federal gun crime report in 20 years shows shrinking time between firearm purchase, usage in crimes

Latino musicians help drive “souldies” comeback

Sound waves offer two-prong attack against cancer

This student-made EV cleans the air while driving

New App Classifies The Unexplained

‘No other place to go’: Migrants living in toxic dump in Chile

Mexican Business Plummets After Vendors Ordered to Paint Over Traditional Signs

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