February 5, 2024

Historians say that the beginning of authoritarianism in any country is when the authoritarian ruler-wannabe encourages distrust of public institutions. That playbook strategy is in full swing with Trump’s camp and cronies: Doubt the quality of education in public schools and push for school choice; Don’t trust the IRS; Don’t trust librarians to choose the right books, etc. A new Pew poll shows just how effective is this strategy; For the first time in modern history, an Indian tribe has banned a state governor from its tribal lands; Are you anxious? Did you catch Covid, even mildly in the past? Do you suffer from insomnia? It may all be connected; and Climate change continues to rage. California suffering back-to-back torrential rain systems and Chile literally ‘under fire’. Go beyond the headlines…

From Businesses and Banks to Colleges and Churches: Americans’ Views of U.S. Institutions

Singapore passes law to hold ‘dangerous offenders’ beyond prison terms

South Dakota tribe bans governor from reservation over US-Mexico border remarks

What home owners need to know as insurers leave disaster-prone areas

How sign languages evolved

Study finds mild COVID-19 infections make insomnia more likely, especially in people with anxiety or depression

Research Shows One Easy Diet Swap Can Reduce Blood Pressure And Heart Attacks

How a Co-Parenting App Saved My Divorce

Forest fires raging in Chile kill at least 112

Money sent home by Mexicans working abroad rose by 7.6% in 2023, to reach a record $63 billion

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