February 24, 2021

Diversity, equality, inclusion (DEI) are gaining buzzword prominence throughout society, thanks mostly to the pandemic. From government to corporations to education and class make-up, people are using these lenses to evaluate how little or much entities are complying with the ‘new’ push for DEI. For example, one researcher did a quick study of the diversity of the Senate. (Hint: It probably took a nanosecond.); In a recent poll, a record percentage of US adults identified as LGBTQ; and the House is set to vote on the Equality Act. So, what’s in it?; and One really fascinating finding by Cambridge psychologists is who they discovered are more prone to extremist and radical views. Go beyond the headlines…

The racial breakdown of the Senate

From ‘aliens’ to ‘noncitizens’ – the Biden administration is proposing to change a legal term to recognize the humanity of non-Americans

House To Vote On Equality Act: Here’s What The Law Would Do

Society is changing’: A record 5.6% of US adults identify as LGBTQ, poll shows. And young people are driving the numbers.

Afro-Latinos say ethnicity doesn’t ‘shield’ Latinos from confronting racism

Nearly 1,000 girls become first female Eagle Scouts

How did dogs get to the Americas? An ancient bone fragment holds clues

People with extremist views less able to do complex mental tasks, research suggests

Quarantine-free travel may be one step closer with new travel industry app

Biden Takes On Trump’s Migrant Policies and Confusion Reigns at the Border

Hunger rising in Central America amid climate, virus shocks: UN

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