February 25, 2021

Since Biden’s election, families desperate to live in the United States have started their plans to come here. They know they’re not guaranteed a place, or even a chance to argue their case, but they feel the wheels of justice operate more fully under Biden. Within Biden’s immigration plan is money towards solving the root causes of why people want to leave all that they know to come to a strange country, learn a new language and live with the real possibility of never seeing family again. What will it take to fix the immigration system? There are many moving parts but one thing is certain: it will take a new coalition with our Central and Latin American neighbors to not just provide financial investment in those countries but begin a process of rooting out systemic corruption and cartel dominance. Two things that are so entwined in the culture that the effort will be herculean to achieve but can be done if enough people demand it of their leaders. A new study digs deep into the demographics of who stormed the US Capitol; Why has the Senate been challenging Biden’s female nominees of color?; The CDC launches a new tool to help find COVID vaccinations; and What Costa Rica wants the rest of the world to do. Go beyond the headlines…

New study looks at the demographics of those who stormed the U.S. Capitol

60 percent of Americans support eight-year path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants: poll

Exclusive: Hundreds of kids held in Border Patrol stations

Biden nominees who are women of color encounter Senate opposition

Biden reverses Trump visa ban on legal immigration

Churches becoming key to vaccinations — especially for people of color

Different social media platforms foster different levels of segregation in online communities

CDC Launches Web Tool To Help Americans Find COVID-19 Vaccines

Synthetic vanilla edges out Mexico’s production of the genuine variety

‘It’s in our DNA’: tiny Costa Rica wants the world to take giant climate step

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