February 26, 2021

The last week in Washington underscores how tough a job the Biden administration has in returning to bipartisanship. The GOP is ramping up its efforts to throw roadblocks approving Biden’s Cabinet choices. In some instances, the Republican senators have been outright racist and discriminatory in their questioning of the nominees. The GOP in Congress have come out against approving a stimulus package that would actually deliver meaningful help to Americans. And across the nation, state GOP legislatures are purposely creating law to make voting, in all forms, harder and more of a burden on citizens. All the while, still praising Trump for his traitorous conduct and repeating with zeal the lies about the 2020 election. These particular Republicans are a mean-spirited, power-obsessed group that make it all the more imperative to create legislation that limits these political opportunists from taking advantage of public service to fuel their own narcissistic ambitions and renew the call that political office should emphasize only one thing — to be public servants for ALL of their constituents. Maybe if they did that, then they would see that with only one move, they have the power to lift millions of children out of poverty; The Pentagon is sounding the alarm again of white supremacists who have infiltrated our military; And deported veterans are looking to Biden to bring them home; and A company that uses video reenactment technology literally brings our ancestors back to life. Go beyond the headlines…

Deported veterans, stranded far from home after years of military service, press Biden to bring them back

Pentagon report warns of threat from white supremacists inside the military

U.S. moves to speed up releases of unaccompanied migrant children

With One Move, Congress Could Lift Millions Of Children Out Of Poverty

Book challenges myths about American poverty

Study uncovers flaws in process for maintaining state voter rolls

How to Keep Up With NASA’s Perseverance Rover as It Explores Mars

Deep Nostalgia uses video reenactment technology to animate faces in still photos

Monarch butterflies down 26% in Mexico wintering grounds

‘Deeply alarming corruption’: US bill would sanction Honduran president

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