March 1, 2023

Overnight news that Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot made city history by not winning her reelection is bad news for Democrats. With rising inflation and layoffs, President Biden and the Dems are facing headwinds that took down much more fragile administrations. Their saving grace may be what many voters see the GOP standing for: taking away the rights of women, transgenders, public school teachers, students with crippling debt and Mickey Mouse, among many other discriminatory, retaliatory moves to gain a permanent hold on our government; Spectators of the Supreme Court arguments of Biden’s student loan forgiveness case came away with a bad feeling; No one in their 20s or 30s has ever liked sharing their ‘partying’ space with older teens and way-too-young adults. Now, there’s a trend to keep the ‘kids’ out; Keep your eyes turned to the nighttime sky to see a celestial ‘kiss’; and Did you hear what Mexico’s president just said? Is he right? Go beyond the headlines…

New Immigration Reform Campaign Puts Pressure On Biden To Act Ahead Of 2024

Americans grow numb as war in Ukraine drags on past 1-year mark

Top takeaways from student loan forgiveness arguments at the Supreme Court

More states appear poised to expand voting access for people who were incarcerated

The Rise of the Over-25s Club Night: ‘Children Have No Taste’

Extreme heat is a health crisis, Columbia experts say

Jupiter and Venus ‘kiss’ in a stunning planetary conjunction tonight. Here’s how to watch.

Speech therapy app uses biofeedback

President AMLO: “More democracy” in Mexico than in the US

Dozens of forest fires scorch Cuba, threatening brittle economy

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