February 28, 2024

In last night’s Michigan primary, Biden and Trump, unsurprisingly, walked away the clear winners of their respective races. However, Biden got a very clear message of ‘displeasure’ from the state’s Arab-Americans and others sympathizing with Gaza. It’s estimated over 100,000 Democratic Michigan voters cast an “uncommitted vote.” If ever there was a perfect time to hold a protest vote, this primary was that time. In this instance, where Biden was ‘safe’ in his election to be the Democratic nominee for President and wasn’t pitted against Trump for the race to the Oval Office, this excellent example of showing Biden their disdain for his Israeli policy was effective. In the long run, it doesn’t harm the outcome of the race that matters and doesn’t trigger any backlash for those who cast their uncommitted vote. Rumor has it that the Biden admin got the message long before Michigan’s primary and is sending a stronger one to Netanyahu. The way the uncommitted voters exercised their First Amendment rights should be a classic case study in how to do it right. However, too many extremists, on both sides of the political aisle, spout lies and threats and claim it’s their First Amendment right to do so. A new poll reveals what a third of Americans say about that; Analysts are getting increasingly worried over N. Korea’s willingness to challenge the West. From their recent coziness with Russia, it’s clear N. Korea wants to be more than just a friend of Russia; Who had the better economy, Trump or Biden?; The Biden Admin is giving grants to those entrepreneurs who can make a difference in communities plagued by violence; and An app that can tell when you’re depressed? Go beyond the headlines…

Poll: Almost a Third of Americans Say the First Amendment Goes ‘Too Far’

North Korean factories making arms for Russia are ‘operating at full capacity,’ South Korea says

Biden administration offering $85M in grants to help boost jobs in violence-plagued communities

Trump versus Biden: Which president was better for the US economy?

Chatbots’ inaccurate, misleading responses about US elections threaten to keep voters from polls

Climate change found to be reducing fish weight

Gargantuan sunspot that spit out the strongest solar flare in 6 years is now pointing ‘almost directly’ at Earth

App Uses AI to Detect Depression From Facial Cues

Mexico nationalizes world’s largest sea salt plant in Baja California Sur

Floods submerge cities in central South America after extreme rainfall – video

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