February 3, 2020

“This year, Latinos are expected for the first time to be the nation’s largest racial or ethnic minority in a U.S. presidential election, with a record 32 million projected to be eligible to vote,” according to Pew Research Center. But a state with a big Latino population doesn’t always translate into a sizable Latino electorate. Pew breaks it down where Latino voters have the potential to make a big difference in the future of the U.S.; Are we surprised Trump administration didn’t factor this in when deciding to cut these social programs?; and US officials report people are still fleeing this country in rafts and boats. Go beyond the headlines…

Where Latinos have the most eligible voters in the 2020 election

Trump’s Agriculture Department seeks to cut programs without determining how many people get hurt.

Five Senate Democrats make impeachment case in Spanish

‘Reject the Cover-up’ protests across U.S. to follow Trump’s impeachment trial acquittal

Teenage climate activist nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Is prosecutor bias really behind disparities in prison?

Global science team on red alert as Arctic lands grow greener

Google’s new app teaches you new things every day

Mexican senator proposes all movies be dubbed into Spanish, indigenous tongues

Cubans are still arriving in Miami aboard rafts and speed boats

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