February 6, 2023

In every recent poll, the majority of people surveyed believe the country is in bad shape and not heading in the right direction. No one feels that as much as our newest voters, the Gen Z. New data about this new crop of voters highlights the difficult work of politicians going forward in trying to swing Gen Z voters to the side; The death toll from one of the deadliest earthquakes in Turkey, and the world’s, history is barely coming to light; MAGA House GOP members seem to think the federal debt is supposed to be used as a bargaining chip, or blackmail tool, to get their way. Unfortunately, there are real repercussions for Americans if a default happens. Will these House members get it then? (Given they are delusional, we doubt it.); One planet in our solar system just added #92 moon to its list; and Not like we needed the 2022 Democracy Index to tell us but Mexico’s rankings in the Index changed. Go beyond the headlines…

Gen Z’s political power: new data gives insight into America’s youngest voters

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