February 6, 2024

There’s a reason why Medicaid and Social Security are two programs depended upon by people 65+ — because unless a person was earning six figures at the time of retirement, the money received by Social Security and saved by Medicaid literally means the difference for many between homelessness and having a place to call home; Africa is suffering from a cholera outbreak and churches on the ground there are sounding the alarm that it’s worse than what we’re being told; Could it be so simple? A $20,000 home bought on Amazon could help solve the affordable housing crisis? Some things are that simple; The ravaging rains in California and the fatal fires in Chile are but two signs of climate change. Now, scientists recommend acknowledging that change with a new hurricane category; and Ancient scrolls found buried under the ashes of the AD79 eruption of Mount Vesuvius finally being read with the help of AI. Go beyond the headlines…

Medicaid enrollment cuts led to more evictions, study finds

Catholic expert says Africa’s cholera epidemic may be even worse than we think

Super Bowl should smash betting records, with 68M U.S. adults set to wager legally or otherwise

$20,000 Amazon House Could Make Some Neighborhoods More Affordable

Scientists propose a Category 6 as hurricanes gain in intensity with climate change 

‘Remarkable’ new algorithm could dramatically speed up web browsing

How a city is organized can create less-biased citizens

AI helps scholars read scroll buried when Vesuvius erupted in AD79

Estadio Azteca in Mexico City will host first match of 2026 World Cup

Bukele brushes aside criticism after claiming 85% of the vote: ‘This is the first time in history that El Salvador has democracy’

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