February 7, 2023

Tonight, President Biden will deliver his State of the Union address. With so much facing the US, from global threats to domestic terrorism and economic uncertainty, many wonder what the Biden admin can do to solve any of the problems that have been triggered by much larger forces than just bad decisions from the White House or ‘The Fed.’; The death toll keeps climbing in Turkey and Syria from the recent 7.8 earthquake; Being a woman is not easy anywhere in the world but if there was one bastion where there should be relative equality it’s the workplace. Unfortunately, a new survey reveals the depth of discrimination that exists for women of color, and it’s far worse than we thought; New study finds doctors miss, if they catch it at all, a life-threatening condition of Latino infants; and Another new chatbot app incorporates ChatGPT for ‘easy talking.’ Go beyond the headlines…

Biden is facing these 5 economic hurdles in 2023. Can he solve any of them?

Magnitude 7.8 quake kills over 5,000 people in Turkey and Syria

Half of workplace women, from marginalized ethnic and racial groups, report rampant discrimination, according to survey

Joe Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Hopes Receive Supreme Court Blow

Heart defect diagnosis often comes too late – or not at all – for Latino infants, study finds

Plastic debris in the Arctic comes from all around the world

A Splash of Milk in Coffee May Have Health Benefits We Didn’t Know About

Quora opens its new AI chatbot app Poe to the general public

Gangs, cholera and political turmoil leave half Haiti’s children relying on aid

Cholita wrestlers fight at Bolivia street party

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