February 7, 2024

The problem with institutionalized racism is that the people (race) in the majority don’t see a problem in institutions that cater to their majority, to the exclusion of all others. Case in point: public health studies. It’s a fact that violent events traumatize people. For example, like police violence towards people of color. Being taught to respect and believe in the police only to be treated roughly, unfairly, and in some cases, lethally, can be confusing and impact the physical and mental health of anyone who endures this kind of experience. Yet, no study ever looked at the full impact of this kind of violence on people of color — until now; Educators have found a new way to teach economics to high schoolers — and they’re hoping students don’t “shake it off;’ and Podcasts are popping up everywhere. With so many choices, ever wonder which are the most popular? Take an audio tour through the nation’s top-ranked podcasts; Gasp, the moon is shrinking, according to NASA. What does that mean for us? Go beyond the headlines…

The effect of police violence on Black Americans’ health is documented in 2 new studies

Teenage ‘Newton of Gaza’ creates system to light up family tent

Biden officials advance plan to blow up Trump’s rules on sexual misconduct in schools

The Taylor Swift Economy is now a high school curriculum

An Audio Tour Through America’s Top-Ranked Podcasts

Ancient 15,000-Year-Old Viruses Seen in Melting Tibetan Glaciers

The Moon Is Shrinking, Causing Moonquakes at a Potential NASA Landing Site, Study Finds

Going Outside? Check the New Features in the Weather Channel App First

Mexico: Investigations on the disappearance of students at risk

Madrid, the new launchpad for migration from Africa to the United States

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