February 8, 2023

There’s no doubt that President Biden’s State of the Union address was anything but boring. The lack of respect for Biden and the institution that the MAGA GOP members hurled at Biden during his speech is par for the course for a group who love to throw bricks but don’t offer solutions. Like the ex-president they strive to emulate, and reinstate, they’re all mouth with not much brains; 11,000 poor souls, so far, have died in the world’s worst earthquake since Mexico City; A new study reveals 15 million people are living under this threat; and What can cinnamon do for us? It seems a lot. Go beyond the headlines…

The state of Biden’s union with a GOP Congress: It’s tense

Rescuers comb rubble in Turkey and Syria as quake death toll passes 11,000

SBA chief: Minority-owned businesses growing, but still lack access to capital

What banning noncompetes could mean for the US workforce

These Black and Latino citizens had land taken from them. Now, they want reparations

Study: 15 million people live under threat of glacial floods

The possible effects of cinnamon on memory and learning

Parents can now have eyes in back of their watches as new app monitors where their children are in real time

Mexico rejects possible US return to ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy

International Help Arrives for Fire-Hit Chile

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