February 8, 2024

Stories have long circulated that Russia’s been supplementing its military in the Ukraine with violent criminals, the Wagner Group and other mercenaries. With Ukraine’s funds and manpower dwindling, they’re also looking outside of their usual recruitment efforts to bolster their forces. Colombia is answering that call; There is a solution to the immigration crisis but to understand why we’re in the mess we’re in, analysts say it stems from one source; Ever wonder where in the US they see the most UFOs? There’s a map to point the way; No more guessing (women) if you have a temp, hot flash or are just overheated. Tech engineers created smart earrings that monitors the pulse of our body temp; and What would Spain be without paella? Angry farmers are sounding the alarm that it’s not a threat but a real possibility. Go beyond the headlines…

New study says 1 in 20 homeowners nationwide experience real estate fraud

Ukraine needs more troops fighting Russia. Hardened professionals from Colombia are helping

How the federal government created the immigration crisis that now bedevils it

US government debt to top $54 trillion in next decade, CBO says

America’s UFO hotspots, mapped

US to launch next moon mission on Valentine’s Day

Maps reveal where in the body different types of MUSIC are felt – from sad songs in your chest to happy tunes in your toes

Smart earrings monitor your temperature 24/7

Mexico dethrones China as top exporter to the US in 2023

Spain’s paella rice could ‘disappear’, say farmers angry at EU rules

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