January 10, 2024

Whether we like it or not, COVID will haunt us for generations to come. Studies surface every month discovering new things about the lethality and longevity of this mysterious virus. Now, with the benefit of hindsight, discoveries have been made as to how to avoid infection and what the virus actually does to our muscles that makes exercise a bigger pain than it is; College administrators are bracing for a terrible 2025 and it has nothing to do with efforts to shut down DEI practices; Do you have intellectual humility? One researcher shows why this is an important trait to possess; The American Red Cross sounds the alarm that blood donors hit a 20-year low; and The world is increasingly disgusted by Israel’s Netanyahu’s quest for vengeance and 100 lawyers in one country are pursuing legal action to stop him. Go beyond the headlines…

Looking to avoid COVID infection? Your diet could help, according to a new study

China Can Hijack Foreign Radar To Detect Enemies, Research Says

College enrollment could take a big hit in 2025. Here’s why. 

The wealthiest 10% own 93% of the stock market

The curious joy of being wrong – intellectual humility means being open to new information and willing to change your mind

A discovery in the muscles of long COVID patients may explain exercise troubles

American Red Cross declares emergency blood shortage as number of donors hits 20-year low

New app to sell works by UK’s top art graduates

Colombia rights watchdog reports 181 activists slain in 2023

100 lawyers in Chile call on ICC to probe Netanyahu for war crimes in Gaza

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