January 11, 2024

Who are the unhappiest people in America? Hint: They’re avid viewers of conservative outlets; It’s safe to say that politics will rule 2024 with elections happening around the world. Yet, analysts feel one particular election will impact the world, even more than the US presidential contest; We know climate change is changing weather patterns on the planet and impacting snowfall. A new study identifies which parts of the globe are losing the most snow; and Finally, there’s a way to get healthier without going to a gym. That’s a NEAT proposition. Go beyond the headlines…

Axios Vibes: America’s unhappiest people

Why Taiwan’s Elections Could Change the World

US elections 2024: Six Senate races to watch

What would a Trump 2.0 economy look like?

Snow is disappearing as the planet warms – A new study shows who’s losing the most

There’s a way to get healthier without even going to a gym. It’s called NEAT

This 10-foot ape was the largest primate ever. What happened to it?

OpenAI’s New App Store Could Turn ChatGPT Into an Everything App

Secrets of the snake cult: The conversion of Chichén Itzá

Anthropologist’s mapping project shows how Peru transformed after colonization

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