January 9, 2024

After 210 years of being a country of peace, Sweden is now facing the 21st century reality that peace is a fleeting concept. That’s especially true when your border is with one of the most aggressive countries on the planet. Expected to be ‘inducted’ this summer into the NATO circle of allies defending themselves against Russian aggression, Sweden’s leaders, for the first time in modern history, warned their citizens that war in Sweden is becoming more of a possibility than ever. Their leaders are delivering that bad news because they no longer have confidence in the United States. They cite the unknown direction the country will take if the GOP wins the White House and House Republicans torpedo continuing aid to Ukraine. All of which goes to show that the days of a nationalistic mindset is nothing more than a remnant of a bygone era fueling the fantasies of a delusional mind; The US government spends a lot of money. We see that with the nation’s $34 trillion dollar national debt. However, the majority of that money is going for good causes, like global food aid. Unfortunately, in the quest to lower that debt, politicians are threatening to cut that food aid at a time when the poorest countries of the world increasingly rely on that aid for their very survival; and Every month, we read that the month before shattered heat/cold records since scientists started keeping track. Now, as we start 2024, we’re being told that, yet again, we’ve shattered another record but this time it’s trending to something more serious. Go beyond the headlines…

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