January 12, 2024

It’s so easy not to think about the weather until a bitterly cold wind slaps you in the face or your skin blisters under a seemingly hotter sun. Yet, with the 2024 presidential campaign season officially underway, thoughts about climate change take a backseat when it comes to determining our country’s destiny. However, our climate is so entertwined with our future that if we treat it in the same way Trump supporters disregard their candidate’s threatening speech and numerous and serious legal violations then we’re as doomed. For example, scientists have discovered the Arctic is melting four times faster than expected and major US East Coast cities are sinking faster into the ocean. Not to mention , the temperature of the planet is closely reaching a critical juncture and parts of the globe are already dealing with water shortages or no water at all. While all these climate scenarios seem unrelated, there’s one thing that ties it all together and can actually make a difference — federal policy. If the politicians of the United States and other countries took seriously the impact of climate change then our destiny as a country, as a planet, could actually have a chance to ‘weather the storm.’ As it is, we could soon find ourselves not just embroiled in another world war but a broader fight for our own survival. Go beyond the headlines…

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