January 15, 2024

I’ve always been skeptical when political pundits referred to Latino voters as a “sleeping giant.” It implied that we were this massive voting bloc just waiting to be roused from our apathy to turn up at the polls in force and swing an election. While history shows, there have been times where Latinos have made a difference at the polls, the mythical Sleeping Giant, never fully materialized. A new analysis on Hispanic voters by Pew Research reveals the main reason why Latinos haven’t made as big an impression at the polls, as we like to think we have. The reason has always been the elephant in the room; Taiwanese democracy won out over Chinese loyalists in the recent election. As expected, China didn’t like the outcome, and as any ‘good’ authoritarian government, issued an ominous threat; Good news: US air pollution rates are declining. Bad news: there are still areas with unacceptable pollution. Guess where?; Come to find out we don’t need to walk 10,000 steps a day to live longer; and A new app turns our smartwatch, and hands, into a Bluetooth mouse. Go beyond the headlines…

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