January 14, 2022

The Biden administration may not have any luck getting the full Congress to work on policies but Biden can definitely make a difference of his own with the Federal Reserve; The vast majority of nonprofits service low-income, minority, disenfranchised populations. Yet, most who lead these same nonprofits come from an entirely unrelatable background; Ever wonder the salary after reading an online job posting? Researchers say there’s a way to tell; and New app lets (iPhone) friends share photos straight to one another’s home screens. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden looks to reshape Fed with historically diverse slate

Biden DOJ says separated families not entitled to compensation

Racial and ethnic diversity is lacking among nonprofit leaders – but there are ways to change that

Facebook’s Spanish-Language Moderators Are Calling Their Work A “Nightmare”

The heat stays on: Earth hits 6th warmest year on record

Scientists think they’ve found a big, weird moon in a far-off star system

Words Matter: The Text Of Online Job Postings Can Predict Salaries

Viral new app lets friends share photos straight to iPhone Home Screen

Inside The Mesmerizing Mexican City That Produces The World’s Avocados

Argentina’s covid Miracle

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