January 16, 2024

Were you really surprised that Trump dominated the Iowa caucus? In a state where almost 90% of the population is Caucasian — a state that doesn’t reflect the racial diversity of the country as a whole — the majority of GOP voters are older (30-65+) vs the majority of the state’s Democratic voters are younger (18-29), it’s not a surprise. Does this outcome predict what will happen in November? Hardly, but it’s sure making some more resolute that it’s not repeated; North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is amping up his ‘smack’ talk towards S. Korea and it’s not good; Alaska has frozen and buried secrets. The latest discovery is a new species that could be an episode of the X-Files; and Reading the news and maintaining good mental health do not usually go hand-in-hand. Yet, a new app joins this odd couple and delivers with a swipe. Go beyond the headlines…

Hundreds of chemicals linked to breast cancer risk identified in new study

North Korea’s Kim calls for South to be seen as “primary foe”, warns of war

Trump’s historic Iowa victory puts America on notice

Inflation is easing, but U.S. economy not out of the woods, analyst argues

Damaging Earthquakes Could Strike Nearly 75% of the US, USGS Map Shows

‘Snakeworm’ mystery in Alaska yields species new to science

Regardless of age and politics, people who endorse lies are aware they could be made up, say researchers

Austin startup aims to improve news content, mental health with new app

A ‘startling discovery’ in the Caribbean could bring sargassum to Quintana Roo beaches

How Ecuador went from being Latin America’s model of stability to a nation in crisis

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