January 18, 2023

While everyone from the White House to Wall Street say the economy is doing better than expected, the irrefutable fact is that people are battling high prices, forcing us all to do something we’d rather not; Ukrainian authorities confirmed an early morning helicopter crash killing its Interior Minister and his aides, along with, several children on the ground. Yet, Ukrainians have identified that Russia is not only killing their children but kidnapping them and taking them too; So, what is the Havana Syndrome and who’s responsible?; Check out the 9 global buzzwords for 2023; and Finally, a new study pinpoints the key reason why fake news spreads so quickly on social media. Go beyond the headlines…

EU announces new green proposals to rival Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act

Ukraine Identifies Nearly 14,000 Children Abducted and Deported by Russia

Americans spend more than they make as high prices pinch

A worrisome trend in American hospitals is hurting poor patients

Solving the Mystery of Havana Syndrome. Here’s What was Found.

A guide to 9 global buzzwords for 2023, from ‘polycrisis’ to ‘zero-dose children’

Study reveals the key reason why fake news spreads on social media

Democratizing the Metaverse: New App Habytat’s Mission

Female voladoras both challenge and preserve an ancient rite

Is Bolivia the Next Nicaragua?

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