January 17, 2024

A new Gallup poll claims that the majority of US adults are in favor of the affirmative action ban. What surprises many opponents of the ban is that the survey field was diverse. Latinos and Blacks were among those who voiced support for the ban. While affirmative action was the right tool, at the right time — forcing schools to diversify in an era when segregation was accepted as the way things were done — it needed to evolve to meet the needs of this place in time. Evolution is always painful but affirmative action should not be equated with DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) efforts. DEI initiatives are what will keep our economy and the social fabric of our country balanced and in reality. Too often, we only surround ourselves with people who look and sound like us. As a result, our world view is extremely narrow, biased and rooted in an illusion of what we want the world to be, rather than how it actually is. So, I say evolve affirmative action but don’t lose sight that we’re a stronger country when we act as one people; On the surface, China may seem like a strong country but their instability is showing. Ironically, the one thing that is moving China towards a crisis with no timely fix is something that the US could use an an example towards how illegal immigration is viewed; With all the rampant extreme weather conditions, (unbelievably) new climate deniers are ‘flooding’ Youtube; and Costa Rican farmers have no need for technology in forecasting their weather. They rely on ancient knowledge. Go beyond the headlines…

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