January 18, 2024

Swing voters. They’re a hot commodity that every politician knows can make or break a potential win at the polls. Popular thought was swing voters are last-minute deciders who (supposedly) weigh the pros and cons of each politician’s attributes and weaknesses before casting that deciding vote. While that may be true for some swing voters, a new study finds that in the last two presidential elections it was one issue that swung voters one way or the other; If you feel you pay a lot for groceries, there’s a map detailing just where in the country that is true; Staying on the topic of food; how well we sleep depends on what we eat, according to one nutritionist; and Archeologists just uncovered a huge network of ancient cities in the Amazon rainforest, where none was thought to exist. Go beyond the headlines…

Study finds these states spend the most on groceries in America

China Raises Private Hacker Army To Probe Foreign Governments

Case brought to Supreme Court by herring fishermen may gut federal rulemaking power

Mapped: America’s new business hotspots

What’s the best diet for healthy sleep? A nutritional epidemiologist explains what food choices will help you get more restful z’s

Huge network of ancient cities uncovered in the Amazon rainforest

US voters’ climate change opinions swing elections, analysis finds

Notion’s new calendar app is designed to keep your meetings organized

Ecuador prosecutor investigating gang attack on TV studio shot dead

Mexico marks another record-breaking year for murders

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