January 19, 2023

The White House must have been listening to NYC Mayor Eric Adams pleading for more help with newly arrived immigrants. Today, the federal government is launching a new citizen program that allows any of us to help sponsor and settle refugees in the country. The big question in the air is how much will it cost those of us inclined to do it?; While some pockets of the world may be described as lawless and leaderless, there’s one country close to home that is already there; Scientists have solved a 500-year-old paradox by Leonardo da Vinci; and A new study shows the world would really be a better place if more female politicians were at the helm. Go beyond the headlines…

New program lets private citizens sponsor refugees in US

As its only remaining elected officials depart, Haiti reaches a breaking point

The US is about to breach the debt limit. Here’s how the government is planning to prevent a default — for now.

Gallup poll breaks a two-decade trend

A 500-Year-Old ‘Paradox’ by Leonardo da Vinci Has Finally Been Solved, Study Says

Parts of Greenland warmer now than in 1,000 years

Female politicians help to diffuse polarization, hostility and distrust, study shows

Virtual reality game helps develop understanding of discrimination

Mexico, US sign memorandum to fortify immigrant labor rights

Peru extends state of emergency for 30 days in Lima, Callao, Cusco and Puno

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