January 19, 2024

“Don’t get involved” used to be a mantra of a certain generation. Nowadays, younger generations are schooled to “See something, say something.” It’s paying off. A new study finds that if it weren’t for anonymous tips a lot more people would suffer unnecessary death; Wherever we look on the planet, it seems conflict is everywhere. Bad news; Yet, something good is that we’re earning more money. Of course, we have to spend more on what we need but, hey, prices will eventually go down, right?; Every year, really, every month, there’s a natural disaster that takes a financial toll on families. And the fact is when we need immediate help for recovering from these disasters, we turn to the federal government or FEMA, to be precise. FEMA’s reputation has been notorious for involving too much red tape. Yet, new rules hope to make that a thing of the past; and Scientists discovered something strange happening among Alpine goats and that’s sounding alarm bells far and wide. Go beyond the headlines…

Anonymous tips work to prevent school shootings and suicides, new study finds

War warnings everywhere: Global risks are heating up

Migrants at TX-MX border bridge continue to wait for processing amid freezing temperatures

Americans Are Earning More Money

Recovering from natural disasters is slow and bureaucratic. New FEMA rules aim to cut the red tape

Something weird is happening to these Alpine goats. Scientists say it’s an ominous sign.

Israeli company gets green light to make world’s first cultivated beef steaks

New app TipTop offers instant cash for your stuff

Argentina’s Inflation Rises 211.4 Percent

Mexico, Chile refer Israel-Hamas conflict to International Criminal Court (ICC) over potential crimes

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