January 25, 2024

A new study finds something the majority of people already know: rent is unaffordable for half of all US renters. In fact, housing costs, whether renting or buying, is unaffordable. A good measurement of unaffordability is how much of a chunk does it take out of our monthly budget. Though these high rent prices hit all ages, it’s one demographic that is especially suffering — seniors. For many who hit their golden years, life isn’t as idyllic as they imagined. They’re forced to downsize because their incomes have downsized. Yet, their rents, property taxes or mortgages don’t align with their reality. And this new reality is pushing far too many to the brink of homelessness; Climate activists are right to be skeptical and vocal in calling out political leaders over their pledges for zero-emission. Just look at the European Union; Hear of ‘Cancer Alley’? It’s a deadly swath of land for US pregnant women; Now, we know our South American ancestors relied less on meat for their diet than we thought; and Wouldn’t it be great to have an app that actually allows for patients and doctors to keep track in real time of the size of tumors in our bodies? Well, it’s here. Go beyond the headlines…

Pew: Over a quarter of U.S. adults don’t identify with a religion

Zero-emission goal still eludes the European Union, where most cars emit the same CO2 levels as 12 years ago

Housing is now unaffordable for a record half of all U.S. renters, study finds

Unemployment Rate Rise Rings Alarm Bells Over US Economy

Pregnant women in ‘Cancer Alley’ more likely to give birth prematurely and to babies with low birth weight: Report

Archeological evidence shows hunter-gatherers in South America ate mostly plants

Breakthrough: Deaf Boy Can Hear After First Gene Treatment in US

Wearable device monitors tumour size and displays it in an app

Devastating drought in Amazon result of climate crisis, study shows

Nationwide strike in Argentina poses major test to Milei’s economic ‘shock therapy’

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