January 26, 2024

Aldi, the national grocery store chain, is the latest to force green habits on its customers. Recently, they announced they are doing away with plastic bags and will only sell paper bags or encourage people to bring their own. But do these moves actually help the environment? A new study should put the debate to rest; North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is feeling more empowered these days and seems to be itching for a fight with it’s southern brothers; Cookbooks are of little use to people on limited incomes and who rely on food pantries. One chef, who knew what it was like, created a cookbook just for them; and It’s been long known that cosmetics companies use ingredients that aren’t healthy for our bodies. Now, an Univ. of Texas researcher created a web-app that helps us know if that cream, foundation, etc is really safe to use. Go beyond the headlines…

Do plastic bag bans work? New study finds they save 6 billion bags a year in some US states

Kim Jong Un Could Take ‘Lethal Military Action’ Against South Korea—Report

‘Uncoordinated’: Internal watchdog raps Pentagon’s UFO tracking effort

A Texas chef once relied on food pantries. Now she’s written a cookbook for others who do

How America’s economy keeps defying expectations when the rest of the world is struggling

The 6 states facing the most serious groundwater crises

Men’s age has long been overlooked in fertility

Endoscreen: The App Helping You Understand Harmful Chemicals in Your Cosmetics

Mexico: Ancient hunting implements found deep in Querétaro cave

Chile searches for those missing from Pinochet dictatorship with the help of artificial intelligence

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